Recent AJAS Award & Prize Winners

James Holt Award for the best article published in AJAS in the two years between conferences.

2018-2019: Timothy Minchin, “‘They Didn’t Want to Be Union’: Southern Transplants and the Growth of America’s ‘Other’ Automakers” (Dec 2017), and Paula Rabinowitz, “Scenes of Reading Women: Feminism and Paperbacks: A Possible Origin Story” (July 2018).

Peter Coleman Prize for the best article by a postgraduate student published in AJAS in the journal in the two years between conferences.

2018-2019: Kate Rivington, “In its Midst: An Analysis of One Hundred Southern-Born Anti-Slavery Activists” (July 2019).

Norman Harper Prize for an essay by an undergraduate student, which is then published in AJAS.

2021: Julie Morrow, “Adapting Against Assimilation: Recovering Anishinaabe Student Writings in Carlisle Indian School Periodicals, 1904-1918” (December 2021)

2020: Siobhan Ryan, “Columbia University’s ‘Gym Crow’: What the Contest over a Public Park Reveals about the Link between Race and Space” (December 2020).

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