2010 Conference

University of Adelaide
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
1-4 July 2010

The University of Adelaide and Flinders University are delighted to announce that they are hosting the Australia and New Zealand Association for American Studies Conference in 2010. ANZASA brings together scholars from Australia and New Zealand with colleagues who specialise in American Studies from around the world for a major conference held every two years.

Download the conference program here.

Keynote Speakers:

Shane White is Professor of American History and Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow at the University of Sydney. He is the author of numerous publications in African-American history including Somewhat More Independent: The End of Slavery in New York City, 1770-1810 (Athens and London: University of Georgia Press, 1991; Stylin’: African-American Expressive Culture From Its Beginnings to the Zoot Suit [with Graham White] (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1998); Stories of Freedom in Black New York(Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2002); The Sounds of Slavery [with Graham White] (Boston: The Beacon Press, 2002); and Playing the Numbers: Gambling and Black Culture in Interwar Harlem [with Stephen Garton, Stephen Robertson and Graham White] (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2010)

Patricia Yaeger is Henry Simmons Frieze Collegiate Professor of English and Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan, received her Ph.D. from Yale University. Her research interests include 20th century American literature and visual arts, southern fiction, feminist theory, literary theory, social geography, trash in modern/postmodern ethnic American literature, and queering John Wayne. Her publications include Dirt and Desire: Reconstructing Southern Women’s Writing: 1930-1990 (2000); The Geography of Identity ( 1996); Nationalisms & Sexualities co-ed. Parker, Russo and Sommer (1991), andHoney-Mad Women: Emancipatory Strategies in Women’s Writing (1989). Her work in progress includes “Luminous Trash” and “Flannery O’Connor in Drag.” She is currently editor of PMLA.

Sharon Block is Associate Professor at University of California at Irvine, received her Ph.D. from Princeton University. Her fields of interests include early American history, history of sexuality, race and slavery, comparative colonialism, and new approaches to the digital humanities. She is the author of Rape and Sexual Power in Early America (OIEAHC Imprint, University of North Carolina Press, 2006) as well as “Doing More with Digitization: An Introduction to Topic Modeling Early American Sources,”Common-place (Jan 2006); “Rape without Women: Print Culture and the Politicization of Rape, 1765–1815,” Journal of American History 89 (Dec 2002); Editor, Special Issue on Sexuality in Early America,William and Mary Quarterly 60 (Jan 2003); “How Should we look at Rape in Early America?History Compass (Feb 2006); “Early American Sexuality: Race, Colonialism, Power and Culture”, Radical History Review 82 (Winter 2002); “Lines of Color, Sex, and Service: Comparative Sexual Coercion in Early America” in Sex, Love, Race: Crossing Boundaries in North American History Martha Hodes, ed. (NY: New York University Press, 1998). She is currently coordinating the University of California’s Study Abroad Program in Australia.

Penny Von Eschen is Professor of History and American Culture at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War, Harvard University Press, 2004; and Race against Empire: Black Americans and Anticolonialism, 1937-1957, Cornell University Press, 1997. She is co-editor, along with Manisha Sinha, of Contested Democracy: Freedom, Race, and Power in American History, Columbia University Press, 2007; and co-editor along with Janice Radway, Kevin Gaines, and Barry Shank of American Studies: An Anthology, Blackwell-Wiley Press, 2008. Von Eschen was awarded the 2008 Dave Brubeck Institute Distinguished Achievement Award and has co-curated the photography exhibition, Jam Sessions: America’s Jazz Ambassadors Embrace the World with Curtis Sandberg, Vice-President for the Arts at Meridian International Foundation in Washington D.C. The exhibit opened in April 2008 in Washington D.C. and is traveling nationally and internationally. She is currently working on a transnational history of Cold War nostalgia.

Conference Conveners:

Thomas Buchanan, University of Adelaide
Prudence Flowers, Flinders University
Joy McEntee, University of Adelaide

Conference Committee:
Daniel Fazio, Flinders University
Sarah John, Flinders University
David Mosler, University of Adelaide


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